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Peace Silk Shawl

Crafted with care, this exquisite art hails from Majuli,the heart of North-East India. It brings the rich cultural heritage of the Mishing tribe and their hundred-years-old folk tradition. By purchasing this indigenous art you are offering a better living for the artisans and helping them in hard times during floods that inundate their village every summer. These shawls are handwoven with 100% natural fibre of peace silk (wild silk) embellished  with the traditional designs of the tribe.  This product provides employment to the distaff weaving clusters of Assam, India.


100% wild silk

61" long x 21" wide

Handwash with mild soap, line dry, cool iron

Angana Bordoloi (Kiron Foundation). Assam, India.

Peace Silk Shawl

SKU: sku_5f039c93e18c6_1594072211
  • Item Code: AB-0143-9557
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