Wounaan Woven Basket with geometric design, large (blck/gold/red/natural).
Wounaan Weavers of Colombia. Made by Bercelina.


12" height x 5" diameter at top x 27" circumference at widest point.

Wounaan Woven Basket w/Geometric design (large)

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  • These beautiful, hand-made werregue palm baskets are woven by the Wounaan of the Choco rainforest in Colombia. Basket weaving is a traditional Wounaan practice, both utilitarian and artistic. Customarily made by women, werregue palm baskets can take up to three months to complete and require enormous skill and artistry. The baskets are constructed from nahuala (Carludovica palmata) that forms the inner coiled core and chunga, or black palm (Astrocaryum standleyanum). The women split the palm leaves into very fine strips, dye them and weave them. The fibers are colored with natural dyes sourced from a variety of different plants and their combinations.This Colombian community of weavers with about 70 members remains in a small indigenous reserve on the San Juan River. Selling these baskets is one of the few avenues of financial support for the women.

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