Sacha Warmi Ceramic Clay Bowl with delicate geometric design, small.
Sacha Warmi, Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador.
4" diameter x 1-5/8" height. 

This unique ceramic bowl is Made by Kichwa indigenous women in the vast rainforests of the Eastern Amazon of Ecuador, where the designs reflect traditional spiritual motifs of the tribe.   They are hand-built of clay harvested in surrounding areas, "painted"with brushes of their own hair and a clay slip and natural mineral colors that the artisans use to create intricate designs. The designs reflect ancient symbols that express the deep connection that theyhave with  Nature.   To learn more about the  Sacha Warmi project, (put a link in here).  Each piece comes with information about the culture.

Sacha Warmi Ceramic Bowl w/square design (small)

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